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The peace is worse than the war.

In the aftermath of the greatest interstellar conflict in human history, the Earth Republic and the Kenzenken Coalition watch each other with enough tension that a single match could light a nuclear warhead.

Grieving the loss of a loved one, pilot Alan Vuong accidentally destroys a ship full of desperate refugees. Now, he must reckon with the consequences of his decision. Meanwhile, his old friend Nalia Sargire tries to prevent another war brewing in the treacherous territory of Kenzenken space, but their former enemies have their own agendas. And, in the shadows, agents of a third party work to change the face of humanity forever, for better or worse.

As the universe crumbles around them, Alan and Nalia must run against the clock to prevent another calamity.

Peace can be most perilous.

From November 2017 to the end of 2019, I worked on a sci-fi novel incorporating Stoic ideas while still being a riveting read. It began with the crazy challenge set forth by National Novel Writing Month: write a 50,000 page novel in one month. Incredibly, I accomplished it while still in grad school. It has since expanded to 90,000+ words. I then had another cockamamie idea to publish this story traditionally. After months of submitting to various agents and publishing houses and a series of non-responses and rare rejection letters, I feel that this road has ended. But rather than shelving it, I will post it here on this website. Not to be overly biased, but this novel deserves to be among the upper tier of science fiction literature. I have no delusions that it will be the next Dune or even The Expanse, but I can’t sleep at night knowing that no one has read and enjoyed my story. So here it is. The plan is to submit one chapter at a time, on Sunday and Wednesday, until completion.