Update 3/3/18: I have now decided that this is the site where I will post my short stories. I may from time to time write on nonfiction matters.

The Stoic Scientist is a blog about statistics, medicine, philosophy, and creative writing. I would say my main audience is myself, and hopefully other people like me. Like Marcus Aurelius, I intend this blog to be a sort of journal, to talk to myself when I’m feeling down, thoughtful, bored, or whatever thought crosses my mind. Unlike Marcus Aurelius, I’m putting this in public, so my ramblings can be challenged or corroborated. So whether you’re me right now, or a future me that is much more sure of himself, or the future version of future me that is again unsure about life, this blog is for you.

My name is Timothy Pham, an outcomes researcher in Oklahoma City. I have a professional degree in Pharmacy, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Pharmacy Administration.

I hope to educate others on what I’ve learned and to continue my learning, hopefully for a good long while.

By the way, being a young PhD is pretty hard! You can’t faff about forever like in graduate school! It’s so easy to become distracted and discouraged by the vagaries of this world. I use Stoicism to keep my mind in focus and to work towards building a good life. That doesn’t mean I’m some dour Clint Eastwood type. It’s that I strive to respond to things rationally. I still allow myself to feel emotions, but I don’t let myself be crippled by them.

email: timpham123@gmail.com

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