Hello friends. There are things within our control. It is not external events nor the passions that disturb our tranquility but our reaction to those things. Know their true nature and let reason guide you.

My name is Tim Pham. I am a scientist. I also use Stoicism as my personal philosophy, as the key to growing as a person. For without aim, we lose ourselves in mazes. My goal is simple: I seek Truth and Beauty. The universe without and within begs to be explored. There are many tools at our disposal but they should be used to illuminate, not obfuscate.

My work is focused: I am an outcomes researcher in the medical sciences. I use databases and statistics to infer the qualities of populations. Statistics are useful, and, contra to the Benjamin Disraeli (perhaps) quote, vital in revealing the truths. And so I will post mainly on medicine, statistics, and philosophy.

My code is simple. My word is my bond. I will follow my contracts to the end. I will not blame, but look for solutions. Always be learning. Never grow complacent.

Now, let us learn together.


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