Eternity’s Foundation: Epilogue

Congratulations on making it to the final chapters! I am posting the final chapter and epilogue at the same time. Nalia awoke to the gentle chirp of her chronometer. She stirred, deactivating the alarm with a wave of her hand. She lay in the bed, feeling the spartan and smooth sheets over her. A moment… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Epilogue

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 34

Congratulations on making it to the final chapters! I am posting the final chapter and epilogue at the same time. The giant titan-class sphere ships basked in the sunlight and emissions from the twin stars. Near the planet Danube, a small fleet waited at the recently abandoned Carnarvon Station. Among this gathering, an observing eye… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 34

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 33

The view screen intermittently turned static, but Nalia’s high priority call to Senator Sargire’s office came through. A pair of grey eyes on an older dark-skinned man met hers. He presented himself in a regal manner, even to his own daughter. “Nalia!” he exclaimed in surprise. “Where have you been? What’s going on? We lost… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 33

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 32

The burning hulks of Second Fleet lost orbit and fell on Silesias’ planetshield, pieces scattering over its surface. Iridescent patterns marked the points of impact. The shield flickered under the assault of multiple high-energy projections. All over the sky, the orbs loomed in orbit. The roar of unimaginable tons of directed energy rumbled through the… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 32

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 31

Alan lay on his side, listening to the frenzied squeaks of his upstairs neighbors’ bed. He heard it bang against the side of the wall, which left an echo that pounded in his head. The woman moaned louder until it almost sounded like a scream. He covered his ears and closed his eyes, trying to… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 31

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 30

News traveled quickly, it seemed. Persons in expensive-looking suits and frenzied-looking aides ran through the halls of the green glass-covered Presidential House on Silesias. Two of the President’s agents led Nalia through the crowds, towards a reinforced elevator. They rode down, deep below the surface of the mega-city. From time to time, one of the… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 30

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 29

Hours after he left for Kenzenken space, Kenichi Miyashiro contemplated the dull yellow crystalline object in his hands while sitting cross-legged on the floor. He peered at it, trying to discern some hidden meaning or answer buried in its crevices. His fingers felt the rough surface of the jutted out protrusions. It was cool to… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 29

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 28

The Vĩnh Viễn accelerated away from the battle. The g-forces pushed Nalia back against the pilot’s chair. What am I doing? She thought. It had been years since she practiced in the ship simulators and her scores back then had not been impressive. Behind her, she could hear the marines murmur in the breaching pod.… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 28

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 27

Expanding clouds of fire filled the space around the Gate. The ships of the Consciousness hunted down remnants of the First Fleet, ignoring the frantic pleas for mercy. White starbursts emanated from the hulls of the thought-ships, sending blasts of energy at relativistic speeds, collapsing gravity shields and crushing hull armor. Small spheres moved in… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 27

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 26

That Kenzenken device was marvelous. They had not even set off the anti-intrusion measures on the ship. It did not stop me from finding them. Their grid signatures burned like shining stars as they boarded. Two groups of marines. One heading to Power Control. One heading to the bridge. Two persons accompanied the latter. I… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 26