Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 15

I kneeled on the floor, pondering the silence of the dark. I expanded my awareness outwards, into the bowels, alleyways, and partial ruins of Carnarvon Station and probed the damage. The battle had truly been spectacular, or at least the readings on my HUD seemed to indicate so. It ended so fast, too. I was… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 15

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 14

Kenichi Miyashiro cursed as his commander unit exploded in a burst of nuclear fire. His viewscreen mocked him as it paused on the crater left behind. He had lost again to the ship AI in a game of Total Commander. As one of the few people in the galaxy who still played this simulation of… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 14

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 13

Gridspace passed them in hues of red and rust. Captain Nalia Sargire checked her chronometer. Their wait for Colonel Miyashiro’s rendezvous had been longer than anticipated. She adjusted her silver captain’s star; her promotion was one of Atranas’ first two actions as admiral. The other action designated the Yasothon as Third Fleet’s command and control… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 13

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 12

Alarm klaxons wailed. Carnarvon station’s command crew hurried to and fro, speaking in excited tones. “Situation report.” Commander Corwin barked. The portly middle-aged man looked pale and exhausted. For the past few hours, something had been attacking the station. Ghost indicators appeared and disappeared from sensor sweeps. Power levels fluctuated at sporadic times. Alan adjusted… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 12

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 11

Naked, I woke up and contemplated the rising velvet dawn. The open window of my quarters allowed a small breeze to ruffle the sheets. I stretched my back, spreading the soreness in my muscles outwards. I always felt like I was living someone else’s life whenever I awakened here, as if I had taken their… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 11

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 10

The military command center on Silesias buzzed with activity. Nalia watched President Haines pore over the tactical holo. She emanated a regal calmness as her fingers followed the luminous path of the rebel fleet on the star map. She reminded Nalia of those archaic rulers from Earth’s past, ones that superstitious people thought had been… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 10

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 9

This could not be a dream, Alan decided. It was too vivid. A yellow haze formed from centuries of pollution obscured the rising sun. Long abandoned cityscapes dotted the land, black corpses disintegrating with the rust and decay of time. Occasionally, remnants of the millions of satellites in orbit fell roaring down to the planet… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 9

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 8

I looked down at the swirling maelstrom below me. The combat suit’s magnetic attachments kept me suspended in the dropship. While regulating the loss of body heat to the subzero temperatures of the upper atmosphere, I checked my internals. Status reports came in. All was well, although I did wear more electronics than before. The… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 8

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 7

Nalia stared at the numerous reports on her datapad. One set, translated from the original Kenzenken, spoke of numerous rebel fleet movements in a vague poetic manner.  Republic sensors reported sightings of Kenzenken Thunderbirds all across their shared borders. She attempted to make sense of the jumble of information on that small screen. “Why do… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 7

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 6

The seat belt pushed against his extended stomach fat. Alan tried to adjust his seat belt but failed. He sighed. He would need to lay off the synth brownies for the foreseeable future. Too much unfairness in the universe. The human body was still adept at sabotaging itself, even in this age of body augmentation.… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 6