Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 24

Alan watched from the observation deck as a large yellow loader brought the stealth device to the Vĩnh Viễn. The cavernous hanger echoed with the shouts of the maintenance crew and the clanking of machinery. Various repair drones moved about, like spherical jellyfish, committed to their tasks in preset algorithms. The smell of oil and… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 24

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 23

The hum of the Hawking ship reverberated throughout the hull. Nalia heard the beeps of various status updates as Alan activated the ship. Visuals were off. Inside, the glow of the screens and holos bathed them. They had not talked since they had returned from the graveyard. Nalia looked at Alan as he concentrated on… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 23

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 20

Nalia warmed her hands over the fire as night descended over the desert sky. A large rock outcropping covered them from any prying eyes. Alan had gone off to gather more supplies from their ship hidden in the cavern. She shivered as she wrapped her desert robes from the ship’s storage tighter around her shoulders.… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 20

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 19

Alan heard his breath reverberate throughout his helmet. His slow, rhythmic pulse echoed in his chest. The only other noise he heard was a soft beeping indicating Nalia’s position next to him. He looked over the exterior of the station. It resembled a cityscape surrounded by the night sky. Lifting his hand, he pointed a… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 19

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 18

The blast door opened with a bang. Nalia raised her borrowed needlegun but lowered it as Zenk soldiers ran in. Miyashiro strode in and Alan, in an ill-fitting maintenance worker’s outfit, followed behind. She breathed out as the tension left her. Alan walked up to her and they embraced for a brief moment. The dim… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 18

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 17

Alan sat naked in his darkened holding cell. The bench felt cold to his skin. He listened to the hum of the force wall, its noise similar to the small insects from home. He smelled the stale air of the station brig. It reminded him of his one-time visit to Earth. He looked at his… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 17

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 16

Nalia floated in a misty lake. She felt the smooth water brush against her skin. Around her, snow-covered mountains rose to cover the sun. The wind screamed as it coursed through the peaks. A scent of dew drifted around her and the light faded behind the mountains. Her breath came out in deep, then shallow… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 16

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 15

I kneeled on the floor, pondering the silence of the dark. I expanded my awareness outwards, into the bowels, alleyways, and partial ruins of Carnarvon Station and probed the damage. The battle had truly been spectacular, or at least the readings on my HUD seemed to indicate so. It ended so fast, too. I was… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 15

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 14

Kenichi Miyashiro cursed as his commander unit exploded in a burst of nuclear fire. His viewscreen mocked him as it paused on the crater left behind. He had lost again to the ship AI in a game of Total Commander. As one of the few people in the galaxy who still played this simulation of… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 14

Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 13

Gridspace passed them in hues of red and rust. Captain Nalia Sargire checked her chronometer. Their wait for Colonel Miyashiro’s rendezvous had been longer than anticipated. She adjusted her silver captain’s star; her promotion was one of Atranas’ first two actions as admiral. The other action designated the Yasothon as Third Fleet’s command and control… Continue reading Eternity’s Foundation: Chapter 13