The Last Day

Summary: In which I tell my experience of the Earth's Last Day. The Last Day on Earth was on a Tuesday. I made no eulogy, didn’t spout no tragic poetry, nor did I make any pompous bluster. I was just there to take readings. Don’t worry, no one else was there. Humanity, or whatever loose… Continue reading The Last Day

An Invasion

An alien invasion begins on a planet. The aliens are humans. The photo “Hubble Witnesses an Asteroid Mysteriously Disintegrating” by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Captain’s Quarters Omer approached the captain’s desk, observing the thickly carpeted floor and the wide, spacious interior of the office. Captain Rammstein, an old, grizzled bear of a man,… Continue reading An Invasion

Comparing Yourself to Others

Recently, I've been reading The Hydrogen Sonata, by Iain M. Banks. Banks, unfortunately deceased, was a huge inspiration to me, activating those special science-fiction loving neurons of mine and taking my imagination far beyond the realm of the possible. I won't bore you with details about his work, but they sprang from a fearsome mind, eager… Continue reading Comparing Yourself to Others