Yet another return

After a long period of procrastination, of twiddling my thumbs, of rejection after rejection, I’ve decided to start this blog again. I commit to starting this blog and being consistent in updating it. To recap: in my last message, I said I was submitting a short story to science fiction magazines such as Analog and Clarkesworld. Well, I’ve been doing that. After a series of rejections, it appears my story is in limbo. It appears that summer is not a great time to submit stories. Perhaps later this year, I’ll post the story on the blog.

Still, I need to keep my creative mind sharp. To keep it sharp, I need to keep writing. I hope that some of you still stayed. If you did, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are an underappreciated part of the creative world.

You may have noticed that my blog page has gotten a nice downgrade. I admit it: I’m a gigantic cheapskate. I just can’t justify spending $8 a month for creative writing when I could just do it for free. Although, if people want something better, I’ll consider it.

So future plans. With my full-time job, I’m having a hard time writing short stories. My solution is to write even shorter stories. Yeah, that sounds like laziness winning. It is, but I think it’ll give me time to rebuild my mental muscles as I prepare my next novel (my first novel is still in the editing phase, yuck). Don’t get me wrong, I love the longer stories I’ve written (see Fast Times at L3 or Kafka on the Battlestar), but they were a slog to write. By the end, I’m more exhausted than elated. Shorter stories, it is.

Another plan: I’d like to do another series, tentatively titled Advice Videos are Way Too Long! My time-waster of choice is to watch financial and diet videos on YouTube and one thing I’ve noticed is that the YouTubers get way too long-winded. I know they’re trying to game the YT algorithm, but I just don’t have time in my life to watch some guy’s ramblings about the philosophy of bodybuilding for five minutes until he actually talks about intermittent fasting. I’ll post the video on the blog, then write a summary that can be read in a minute or less. I know, it’s silly, but if I write it down, I’ll probably remember the advice. Probably.

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