Advice videos that are too long: “Why most people will remain in mediocrity”

Why do most people stay in mediocrity? 1) They are afraid of failure. Embrace failure. 2) People choose distraction over learning. 3) They don’t recognize incredible opportunities and fight over mediocre prizes. 4) They don’t act like winners. They don’t believe they can be successful. 5) They chase titles, money, and success, not experiential learning and personal growth. 6) They spend more time being jealous than working on succeeding. Focus on yourself, not on others.

My thoughts: Good advice, and I really like the little story he gave about becoming devastated when someone criticized a post. He’s right that if you want to be a good writer, you should treat yourself like a good writer. Believe in your writing, and let your doubt drift away.

The advice about failure is also absolutely necessary. The thing you have to watch out for, though, is to make sure that the failure isn’t too costly. You have to consider calculated risks. So fail, but fail better.

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