Videos that are way too long: “Social Anxiety – 6 Tips from a Navy SEAL”

  1. Don’t put yourself in a situation that you can’t get out of. Know that you can exit easily. He gives examples of avoiding taxis and Ubers.
  2. Have a safe space where you can escape, like a hotel.
  3. Code words you can say to a trusted person that tells them when you’re feeling uneasy. They can help you leave the situation.
  4. Don’t feel like you have to talk all the time. Let people talk about themselves.
  5. Don’t get drunk, you’ll do something you’ll regret.
  6. Get some therapy.

My thoughts: I find it quite refreshing to see a guy who worked for the CIA bare his soul about his anxiety. I relate very well to the horrific social situations he finds himself in. It’s a tough struggle and maybe if we talk about it, others will understand. I’m a lot better than I was in the past, but that’s because it took time to develop my abilities to overcome social anxiety. So how do I feel about how this guy copes?

To be blunt, I don’t think the first three tips are good long-term solutions. They may help in the short-term, but they delay you from building confidence in social situations. I do understand, though (my goodness, family functions with family you don’t even know that well are the worst!). Sometimes it gets so bad that hiding away for a while seems like a good idea. However, you can’t escape these situations, so you need to habituate yourself to them. If you’re reading this, video poster, know that I say this out of concern for your well-being, and not to be right on the internet.

I definitely think the other tips are solid. One thing I’ll do is drink less in these situations, since the temptation is so high.

1 thought on “Videos that are way too long: “Social Anxiety – 6 Tips from a Navy SEAL””

  1. Hi! The tips you’ve given is very much helpful most especially if we are tavelling to places that are not familiar. It’s better to keep ourselves alive and be observant with the surroundings. We might not know what people around us holds.

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